Fully Integrated Campaigns

Digitization of business is changing the way brands attract leads, engage prospects, create conversions and compete with each other. A good digital strategy, backed by real-time data can help in everything from lead management to customer retention. 

Using relevant analytics and metrics, our team at Mint Zebra can help you set up a solid digital strategy, customized for your business and geared to help you reach the pinnacle of success.

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Digital Strategy

Everything we do starts with strategy. To achieve this, we ingrain ourselves in your business, and ask tough questions to get to what really matters. Then we strategically identify the right platforms, tactics and technologies that will deliver on your goals.

Sophisticated audiences, sophisticated solutions

Today’s audiences demand marketing that is as sophisticated as they are. Every aspect of your digital marketing has to work in harmony, creating holistic campaigns that are geared towards realizing your objectives.

Digital is what we do

Digital is what we do. But we aren’t whimsical marketeers that only understand digital marketing. We are experienced entrepreneurs who understand business. We know that every company is different, so we take the time to get to know every facet of your company. That way, we can make recommendations that will actually work.

Your ROI is our #1 priority

ROI is much more than a buzzword. Your return on investment is our number-one priority. We get the results you deserve by recommending channels that allow us to track the results of every campaign, enabling you to evaluate the impact that we will have on your business.

We are holistic

As a digital strategy company, we know how to integrate all of your digital marketing; combining creative with strategy and analytics to make your online efforts successful. With our nuanced understanding of every aspect of digital marketing, we can deploy the best tactics on the best channels to engage with your audience.

Social Media Marketing

There are 3.2 billion active social media users

Social media marketing affords companies the opportunity to build relationships while driving brand awareness and promoting products and services to clients and customers. Campaigns that incorporate smart strategy, engaging brand-based experiences and buzz-worthy content create communities that consumers want to be a part of.

MZ continually works to build innovative Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media campaigns that speak to our clients' audiences.

If you’re looking for creative ways to grow your audience, we can help you realize your social media marketing goals.

It starts with a plan

Our social media services begin with a detailed plan based on client marketing and business objectives. We isolate key platforms that present opportunities for your organization and outline ways to develop, manage and maintain them.

Once the plan is set, our team develops and implements your social media initiative, complete with custom profiles, active content streams, daily community management and ongoing measurement and optimization.

Engage Your Community

Consumers want to be a part of your brand, but they expect something in return — engagement. Brands that routinely interact in social media effectively transform a consumer group into a community.

Optimizing Media Spending

Social networks are also important media platforms. We expertly manage ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media channels, maximizing your media spend and optimizing campaign impact.

Online Video

One of the most compelling means of communicating online is to effectively leverage the power of video. At its essence, this form of digital communication is simply the application of technology to the age-old story telling process. It’s direct, emotional, impactful and entertaining.

Mint Zebra’s seasoned production team creates all kinds of purposeful videos for use on websites, social media and beyond.

Email Marketing

Email is the digital medium that started it all and it’s grown into a revenue engagement powerhouse. With an average return on investment at 38-1, email is one of the highest ROI producers amongst digital marketing channels.

Email Marketing Management

Looking for a new way to interact with your customers and nurture existing leads? Want to gain new customers while also driving ROI you didn’t know existed? Mint Zebra’s customized approach to email marketing helps our clients develop stronger and more direct relationships with their customer base while simultaneously unleashing untapped ROI. Email is your opportunity to welcome new prospects, nurture new leads, up-sell/cross-sell existing customers and reactivate lapsed contracts.

Our Approach

Your dedicated Account Manager will migrate your existing email contacts into our email service provider platform, then develop a custom email strategy tailored to communicate and resonate with your customers. We’ll segment your customer base in a way that allows you to deliver targeted, relevant and behavior-based messages, driving sales and strengthening your consumer-brand relationship. Our ongoing analysis, strategic testing and detailed reporting will ensure your campaign continues to help you reach your business goals.

Personalize Your Message

Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. Segment customers into smaller groups based on:

  • Geo targeting information
  • Purchase history
  • Previous email engagement
  • User personas

Lead Generation Brands

If your business is ready to begin aggressively acquiring qualified leads, look no further than implementing Mint Zebra’s cutting-edge email campaigns for lead generation.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a calculated marketing approach that creates and distributes content to attract and retain a targeted audience — and, ultimately, to drive revenue. Best-in-class content is the best currency for reaching your customers while engaging with them.

Whether you’re selling a cool new consumer product or a truly complex B2B service proposition, content marketing helps you achieve more sales by growing your website’s authority and attracting potential customers who are much higher up in the sales funnel.

True content marketing goes well beyond blog posts. As Google’s understanding of rich media such as images, graphics and videos continues to improve, savvy marketers recognize the value of investing in creative content in all forms.

Mint Zebra believes that successful digital marketing is built by great content. Your basic content must be up to snuff if your website is to reach its true potential.

From ensuring your website best represents every one of your products or services, to writing blog posts and posting news articles that really engage your customer, MZ has you covered.

What we’re talking about here goes way beyond basic content: the best creative content takes an idea or data and transforms it into something visually appealing, engaging and beneficial to your target audience. Ultimately, we create content that earns you links, coverage and recognition – which boosts your website’s authority and delivers more traffic and more sales.

Mike is one of the most dedicated and passionate sales leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is highly collaborative – I truly enjoyed partnering with him. He is flexible in terms of his ability to embrace change and take on new challenges. He understands the art and science of sales and demonstrated a consistent sense of urgency in getting the job done. He’s also a darn nice guy, has a great sense of humor and infectious energy! If you have the opportunity to work with Mike, take it!

Ben Jones, OwnerTomahawk Digital

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