Lois Law Firm LLC

Lois Law Firm LLC

Lois Law Firm LLC approached Mint Zebra seeking social media and Google PPC advertising to cultivate brand awareness and increase leads. Over a six month period, we delivered more than 1 million impressions for our client.

How Digital Marketing Boosted Social Impact for Lois Law Firm LLC

Lois Law Firm LLC successfully defends employers and carriers in workers' compensation claims in the New York and New Jersey area. They provide aggressive representation that supports their clients from the beginning of litigation through the settlement process. Lois Law Firm LLC approached the team at Mint Zebra about expanding their brand awareness and leads through social media and Google PPC advertising.

Getting Digital

Mint Zebra helped identify the correct messaging for Lois Law Firm LLC on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Using Facebook and Twitter retargeting options, ads were reaching past website visitors to keep Lois top of mind. On LinkedIn, MZ targeted highly relevant groups. MZ also created ads to promote Lois Law Firm LLC’s monthly webinars and guides written for New York and New Jersey law. MZ A/B tested static image and video ads. After a few months, the strategy was reevaluated to remove Twitter and funnel that spend to Linkedin, as it was performing better. MZ also utilized Google AdWords advertising and programmatic advertising to find individuals that were searching for terms related to employer and carrier workers' compensation claims.

Exanoke of banner ad


  • Click through rates nearly doubled on the video ads over static images
  • Cost per click was lowered by over $2
  • 37 conversions from LinkedIn resulting in book orders, webinar registrations and completed contact forms
  • 7 webinar registrations from Facebook remarketing
  • Over 450,000 brand impressions in a 3 month period 
  • Over 1 million impressions in a 6 month period

Telling the Corporate Story

Contact the professionals at Mint Zebra today at 973.400.4202 or via email to Hello@MintZebra.com to learn how to find the right niche audience for your message.


LinkedIn Conversions




Click-through Rate Increase

I've had the privilege of knowing Mike for many years and have seen first-hand how his leadership is making a difference. Mike has a passion for his company, his partners and his customers. He has exceptional transparent communication skills and consistently delivers impressive results.

Greg Lois, Managing PartnerLois Law Firm, LLC