How Pursue PT Achieved Online Growth and Local Recognition

Pursue Physical Therapy & Performance Training (Pursue PT) is a dedicated physical therapy company committed to providing comprehensive services that enable individuals to lead pain-free lives regardless of age, skill, or mobility level. While the company has actively participated in charity events, trade shows, and podcasts, they lacked a detailed digital marketing strategy due to limited in-house resources. To overcome this challenge and drive more physical therapy visits, Pursue PT partnered with Mint Zebra, a renowned digital marketing agency.

Mint Zebra's Approach

As Pursue PT’s dedicated in-house team, Mint Zebra implemented the following strategies:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Advertising

This comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Pursue PT deployed tactics that included on-page optimization, link building, monthly technical audits, Google My Business (GMB) optimization, and Google AdWords advertising.


Since April of 2022, the above efforts for Pursue PT resulted in:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mint Zebra’s SEO efforts resulted in impressive year-over-year traffic and visibility growth for Pursue PT’s website. For example, in Q2 of 2023, total clicks rose to 1.4K (up from 496 in 2022) and total impressions soared to 98.4K (up from 35.7K in 2022). This represented a remarkable 182% increase in clicks and a 175% increase in impressions.

Mint Zebra’s GMB optimization for both of Pursue PT’s locations, Verona and Hoboken, led to significant local visibility growth. In Q2, the Verona location saw 943 local searches (up 12.8% from 2022), 323 website clicks (up 28.2% from 2022), and 331 calls (up 16.1% from 2022). The Hoboken location experienced even more drastic increases with 1,534 local searches (up 198.4% from 2022), 189 website clicks (up 155.4% from 2022), and 355 calls (up a staggering 596.1% from 2022).

SEO Report Increase

Google Advertising

On the Google Ads front, Mint Zebra's efforts, which targeted only a small geographic area in Hoboken and Jersey City, resulted in over 145,000 impressions, 6,100 clicks, and more than 100 conversions. The campaign yielded an average CTR of 4.23% and an average CTR of 6.53% for Dry Needling search ads, surpassing the industry average CTR for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals ads of 3.98%. Impressively, the Display Ad CTR increased from an average of 1.68% to an average of 15.16% in just five months.

When it came to newly introduced PPC ads in the Verona area, the first ten weeks yielded over 15,000 impressions, 760 clicks, and 14 conversions, again targeting a narrow geographic area. The average CTR for these ads was 5.02%, with specific ads such as Dry Needling search ads and Golf Performance & Rehab search ads seeing even higher CTRs, of 9.49% and 5.43% respectively.

Google Advertising Report Increase

The Impact

As a result of these efforts, Pursue PT’s organic traffic has been steadily increasing since they began working with Mint Zebra in April 2022. The campaign has seen especially strong growth in traffic recently, and is currently at an all-time high for clicks and impressions. The increased local visibility, website traffic, and calls have led to more physical therapy visits and a significant boost in the company's online brand presence.


increase in impressions


Increase in organic clicks


CTR increase in five months


Increase in Local search impressions

Looking for Similar Success?

If you're seeking results like Pursue PT, Mint Zebra's capabilities in driving successful search engine and Google Ads campaigns are crystal clear. Whether you want to enhance your business's visibility or generate more leads, Mint Zebra's full-service agency, with its results-driven approach, can make a significant difference. Don't hesitate to reach out and discover how Mint Zebra can elevate your business's digital presence!

I have been working with Mike and his team at Mint Zebra for almost a year. I have nothing but great things to say about them, the team that I have been working with, and the results that I have gotten with them. They have been helping me with my SEO and Google ads for one of my offices, and I have almost tripled my business with their help! I’m not just another client to them; every month, we have personalized group calls where they provide data, and we discuss viable strategies to implement. I have been thoroughly impressed and satisfied with their level of service, attention to detail, and the results that I have gotten. This has led me to decide to move forward with some of their other services for my other businesses, as well! I have tried other companies, and nothing has compared. If you’re looking for SEO and digital marketing help, this is the team for you! I highly recommend!

Dr. Brandon CruzPursue PT