3 things to never do on social media

3 things to never do on social media

By Mint Zebra, Posted in Social Media
January 31, 2020

These days, having an active social media presence isn’t just a plus for businesses – it’s a must. However, utilizing your social accounts may not be as simple as you originally planned – managing a business social media account requires much more forethought than managing a personal account.

Once your social accounts are off the ground, it’s time to start crafting some interesting posts, interacting with your customers and building your business. Here are some key things to avoid when you take to the keyboard.


As every business owner knows, you can’t please everyone – and sometimes, those unhappy customers will take to social media to voice their qualms. Although it can be tempting to delete negative feedback, this can easily backfire – the customer could tell others that their comment was removed or continue to comment negatively. Instead, leave the posts be and reply in a professional and dignified manner.


Once your social media accounts are set up, don’t just abandon them – it’s important to post consistently to keep customers following your accounts. If you don’t, they may unfollow you or even move on to other competing brands. Instead, make a plan to post weekly or daily and schedule posts in advance using programs such as Hootsuite.com. Some social media platforms, such as Facebook, also allow you to schedule posts in advance right from their site.


Businesses are frequently encouraged to interact with their customers on social media, but when customers take to offensive language or combative remarks, it can be easy to engage in a public battle with them. Always refrain from doing this and let the customer know that they can contact you privately via email, phone or private social media message. Then, work the issue out in a professional and composed manner.