3 Strategies To Increase Your Website Traffic

3 Strategies To Increase Your Website Traffic

By Mint Zebra, Posted in Content, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing
April 20, 2022


In many industries, there is a seemingly endless number of businesses offering the same services. So, potential customers start at the “book covers” of them all – they check out the websites of a few contenders. But if customers aren’t arriving at your website to begin with, you can’t make it to the running. That’s why in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s more important than ever to ensure that customers are checking out your website. 

Luckily, if you’re struggling to increase your website traffic, there are plenty of strategies to help attract potential customers. Here are just a few to entice visitors and thus, increase sales.

Content creation

The first page of Google is the main street of the online business world – it’s where you need to be if you want customers to find you before your competition. One of the most effective ways to get there is by creating relevant content, such as blog posts or videos, which demonstrate your expertise on a given topic. In turn, your website will attract more traffic, which will help it rank higher on search engines. 

To do this, first identify your target market and conduct SEO research to learn what they’re searching for. Then, seek to answer their common questions through your content, which should be optimized with those same SEO terms.

Email marketing

Having trouble getting potential customers to your content in the first place? You can lean on your current followers and subscribers for a rapid traffic boost by alerting them via email newsletter once new content is published. In time, this can lead to more regular website visits.

If you need to build your email list, there are several strategies to do so, including by adding newsletter sign-up forms to your website or promoting your newsletter on your social media platforms. Or, you can also host a contest or giveaway to quickly gather email addresses to add to your list. 

Influencer marketing

You don’t need to attempt to attract traffic to your website all on your own – instead, you can rely on influencers to share your discount codes, links, reviews and giveaways to their large followings. Influencer marketing is today’s form of word-of-mouth advertising that many customers trust as if it was their own friends sharing advice. 

Some customers rely on the expertise of influencers to help them navigate their business choices, and by working with influencers, you can utilize an often budget-friendly option to gain customers’ trust.

Next steps

If you’re looking at your business’s dragging website traffic and feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry – there are tons of strategies to increase your website traffic, customer base and sales, all at a variety of budgets. 

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