How to improve your LinkedIn company page

How to improve your LinkedIn company page

By Mint Zebra, Posted in Social Media
January 31, 2020

You may already have a company website where your potential customers can learn more about you, but that doesn’t mean that you should disregard your LinkedIn company page – this page, similar to your other social media accounts, is where you have the chance to interact with your customers and build rapport with them.

If your LinkedIn company page is launched and ready to go and you’re sitting there thinking, “What now?” then read on to find out how you can mold your page into an engaging social media presence.


LinkedIn isn’t the place to write paragraph after paragraph – in reality, you only have a few seconds to entice your audience to read your posts so it’s your job to make it count. Try to keep your posts to 150 characters or fewer and use those precious characters to share an accomplishment, share a link or ask a thought-provoking question.


To no surprise, LinkedIn pages and posts that incorporate photos get up to six times more traffic than pages and posts that do not. This means that it’s imperative that you utilize your company logo as well as a cover image (such as a photo of your staff, storefront, landscape image, etc.) to engage your audience. Also, make sure that the majority of your posts have an image attached to them.


If you’re eager to get more engagement for a contest you’re holding, a recent accomplishment that you want to share or a promotion that you’re showcasing, then you may want to think about sponsoring your post on LinkedIn, which will allow you to reach more users. To do so, publish your post normally and then click ‘Sponsor Now’ on the right-hand corner of the post.