How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Digital Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Digital Marketing

By Mint Zebra, Posted in Content, Target Marketing
April 18, 2023


Since artificial intelligence was unleashed, we’ve all seen smidgens and wondered how artificial intelligence will change every field from finance to healthcare. Digital marketing is by no means exempt from that, and already, it’s clear that it will be transformed by artificial intelligence. 

In the coming years, we hypothesize that artificial intelligence will change content creation, website creation and ad optimization. Here’s how.

1.    Content creation

Although at present, we can’t imagine content creation becoming completely optimized by artificial intelligence, it can certainly cut out more tedious, automated work by creators such as by writing keyword-rich blog posts, turning a voice recording into a podcast or transcribing a video and transforming it into an article. 

In this way, artificial intelligence will help save marketers’ time so they can devote their precious energy into more high-level tasks that are necessary to elevate clients’ online positions. 

2.    Website creation

Website creation is a task that often takes weeks, if not months, as web designers and marketers hone in on decisions like color schemes, tone of voice, special offers and target audience. 

However, once these items are solidified, artificial intelligence will eventually have the capacity to create these webpages in a matter of minutes, cutting down the website creation production time by eons. This will allow businesses to share their messages – and earn profits – faster than ever. 

3.    Ad optimization

Currently, marketers must decide on target audiences, demographics, potential spend, etc. while optimizing their ads to reach the right potential customers. This eats up time as marketers manually enter interests and keywords to create data. 

But in the future, advertising platforms themselves will likely be able to use artificial intelligence to serve relevant data to users, which can eliminate time, possibility of error and any related experimentation.

Next steps

Although the future of artificial intelligence feels uncertain, it is, at the very least, vast and has the potential to completely change the future of digital marketing as well as the scope of a marketer’s job. 

But we at Mint Zebra are always thinking about the future and changes to this fast-paced industry, and we can help you integrate artificial intelligence into your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. To share these tips with your followers, click the ‘Share’ social icons below.