Take These Steps To Keep Up With Google Algorithms

Take These Steps To Keep Up With Google Algorithms

By Mint Zebra, Posted in SEO
June 21, 2022


Since Google became the center of the search engine optimization universe, hundreds of algorithm updates have been rolled out, often leaving marketers left scrambling as they work to update their strategies and ensure that their own websites remain in front of customers.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. There are tons of ways that marketers can ensure they know about algorithm changes right away, and also optimize their websites so that even if the algorithm changes, their websites can still attract traffic successfully. Here are the steps that you should incorporate into your search engine optimization strategy. 

1. Use Google Alerts to follow the experts

Thankfully, Google has granted us a resource to help us know when an algorithm change has been implemented: Google Alerts. Simply create a Google Alert for yourself using a keyword such as “Google algorithm,” and Google Alerts will then contact you with the top search results of a set time period related to your keyword.  

Plus, this way, you can easily stay tuned on what top marketing analysts are talking about through their own websites, blogs and videos, and if and when an algorithm change occurs, you’ll be the first to know about it through your Google Alert. 

2. Stay focused on high-quality content

Each time the Google algorithm changes, the goal is to help users have a more efficient experience finding the content they’re looking for. So, if your website is always providing useful, relevant content in a user-friendly manner, you’ll continue to be successful no matter how the Google algorithm changes. 

In order to do this, make sure your website is up-to-date with blog posts, videos and other content that contains keywords related to your industry in a readable format. The more users who find answers to the questions they’re searching for on your website, the higher your website will rank, always. 

3.  Make website changes one-by-one

It can be tempting to do a complete overhaul of your website with a Google algorithm change, but from an SEO perspective, this can be a poor decision. Even small changes to your website can have a large impact on its SEO, and if you make too many changes at once, it will be impossible to tell which are working and which are not. 

By making changes one-by-one, you can eliminate wasted energy, spend and focus, and instead, make your content the best it can be, page-by-page. This way, you won’t be scrambling to change every page all over again every time there is an algorithm change. 

Next steps

If the everchanging Google algorithm has you feeling overwhelmed at how best to keep your website at top-of-mind for consumers, don’t worry – there are lots of ways to keep up-to-date as well as keep your website optimized so no matter the change, your business will still be successful.

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