Are You a B2B Business? Here’s How to Use Search To Grow

Are You a B2B Business? Here’s How to Use Search To Grow

By Mint Zebra, Posted in SEO
April 28, 2021

As any B2B owner is well aware of, marketing for a B2B business differs vastly from B2C businesses, especially when it comes to search. This is for two big reasons – B2B businesses have notoriously low search volumes on Google when compared to their B2C counterparts, and there’s tons of competition on the few available keywords.

However, as a B2B business owner, that doesn’t mean you should avoid search marketing – instead, you just need to harness it strategically to capitalize on its massive opportunities. Here are three tips on how to make search marketing a successful tool for your B2B business.

1. Create content that both provides value and generates leads

When creating content for your business to rank higher on search, perhaps through an informative blog post on your website, make sure that your content does two things: provides both real value to searchers and also generates organic leads for your own business.

However, it’s important to tread carefully here – it’s recommended to only introduce anything about your own product or service until readers have scrolled about 40% into your content. This way, readers will understand that you’re prioritizing them learning about the subject matter rather than selling your own product or service.

2. Use your personal expertise to connect with your potential customers

In order to shine against other B2B businesses, it’s important to not just meet Google’s requirements and rank on page one – your content should impress your audience enough to convert them into leads.

So, this is the time to create outside the box and write like a professional speaking to a professional – which is exactly what a B2B business does. Instead of regurgitating facts, share your own opinions on current industry happenings, how you see the industry changing, how you hope to change the industry, etc. This will help you stand out to your audience and connect with them on a deeper level.

3. Avoid covering too many basic topics

Unlike B2C businesses which often have wide customer bases, B2B businesses have much more niche customer bases who are also experienced professionals. So, it’s wasteful to create too much content focusing on subject matter that only an entry-level employee in the industry would be interested in.

For example, instead of creating content on “what is a sales script,” focus on “cold call script to get appointment.” Yes, the latter has a much lower search volume, but if that’s what your target customers are searching for, that’s much more important than reaching more people who are not potential customers for your product or service.

Next steps

As a B2B business, don’t allow low search volumes and competitive keywords sway you away from utilizing search, a marketing tool with endless potential. Instead, coordinate with your marketing team to create a focused search strategy using these tips and bring your B2B business to new heights. To share these tips with your followers, click the ‘Share’ social icons below.